Saturday, February 03, 2018

Week in Review 1. 27.18 & 2.3.18

I missed last week's review so I'm doubling up! We had a fun last session of ski lessons and I skied for almost three hours straight. It was pretty awesome! We also hopped a plane to Sydney, Australia! This is a dream trip for me and I am so excited about our adventure! 



I got in 5 
workouts last week! I did two 
boot camp classes, a barre3 class, went skiing and did a Studio 45 workout. This week I got in 3 workouts. I went to a City Cycle class, one boot camp class and barre3 class along with a good walk on Saturday in The Blue Mountains. I had way fewer classes this week because of our trip to Sydney! We spent over 16 hours on a plane so fitting in a workout was a big difficult. 




Scott was home last Monday so Maggie and I took him to our favorite Poke place. He was impressed with the food and impressed with our vast knowledge of poke. Maggie likes her raw fish! 


Otherwise, the week was spent trying to eat the remaining food from the fridge. I did do an Acme Kitchen and Farms order which was perfect and provided us with delicious meals for the last few days before our trip. The food in Sydney has been amazing and EXPENSIVE! We need to figure out some places to grab a cheap meal because while I enjoy a great meal, it is going to be too much money if we eat this way all week. 


The Girls

The girls had their winter showcase dance with ballet school. They both were adorable and both said they wanted to change to Hip Hop dance. I said that was not happening this year but maybe next. 

The girls did amazing on our 15 hour flight. We left on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and flew to Vancouver. Then we had a longer layover in Vancouver before getting on our flight to Sydney. The girls settled right in and after having second dinner on the plane, they both went to sleep. I caught a few zz's before they woke up and entertained themselves for the rest of the flight. I was really proud of them. It was a long haul but they did it. 

Other Goings On

I've been busy packing, knitting and writing. Planning for a long transcontinental flight with my kids has been intense. All my planning paid off though so it was worth it. The biggest thing this week was that I GOT TO PET A KOALA! My 8 year old self was obsessed with Koalas and Australia. OBSESSED. That 8 year old girl was so happy today. My kids just didn't understand and did not respect my Australian Nursery Song singing. I know them all! 


Stories Published

Seattle Refined:  Re-Learning to Ski, 15 Years Later
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