Monday, November 10, 2003
Counting Down

Only 5 little days left until I leave for England! Whee! I've been furiously knitting and finishing up Christmas gifts for my English friends. I only have 4 more scarves to make this week. ACCCCCKKKKK! I can do it though!

My ankle is feeling much better but I do spend most of the day with it elevated while knitting. The brusing is starting to change colors which is good since that means it's healing. I'm being extra careful this week so I can run around England without a worry.

The book isn't progressing. I've only written 750 words which is very short of the 50,000 needed. I'll be posting what I've written later today on the book blogsite if you want to check it out. (this is for you monica!) Just remember it's still a "shitty first draft" that I need to add more to!

Well I must go and research. I have a phone interview in about an hour and I'm getting nervous!

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