Friday, November 14, 2003
Scrumptious Scarf Downslide

I think I may be in Christmas gift hell. I'm in a rush with much to do. I leave tomorrow for my week in England. I am in need of 6 gifts. I have completed three scarves for said gifts and need to finish one hat and two more scarves. I have the hat on the needles and one scarf on the needles. I shall knit, knit and knit some more and hopefully finish in time. If not, the last scarf will not be made and I shall buy him a Gift Certificate for CD's. I have a back-up plan. The first three scarves are gorgous and made out of fun fur. Great fun!

I had a great in-person interview yesterday and am writing my thank you notes so that I can get the job! Please I need a job. I've been knitting way too much. After my interview, I paid a visit to the yarn store for a prize since I had such a great interview. I think I deserved it.

OK off to rush about before leaving for England tomorrow. If I don't post again, have a great week!
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