Thursday, November 06, 2003
Sprained with only 8 more days

Tuesday evening I went to my running group at Greenlake. We were doing our monthly two-mile time trial run around the track. Last week, I stumbled and fell at this same track so I promised myself that I wouldn't do it again. Well as luck would have it, my ankle gave out (for no apparent reason) and I fell again. This time though it was worse. My ankle hurt really badly and my knee was quite bloody. I managed to walk back to my car (about a mile away) just fine but have been icing my ankle since then.

On the bonus side, this does make for great knitting time since I can't exercise with my bum ankle!

I saw the Matrix last night. I was slightly disappointed but all in all it was a fine movie. Now I can't wait for Lord of the Rings! Over a month to go for that one.

On the job searching front, I got a call back! I took a writing test last week at an agency in the part of town I want to live. I heard back this morning that they want me to come in for an interview next week! Yea! Keeping our prayers alive.

Off to knit and rest my leg!

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