Tuesday, December 09, 2003
11 more days until my Birthday Presents!

I'm on a knitting streak! I finished my Polar Winter White scarf and love it. Only problem is I don't want to wear it where it could get dirty! I'm so silly!

Today is my last day with Zubin. My dogsitting days are over until Dec. 24th when I watch him again! Yesterday I cleaned the apartment and his hair was everywhere! Insane!

I'm about 1/2 way through the extreme hedonism neck wrap for my Mom. Then I'll get cracking on my Dad's Christmas scarf. Lots of knitting to do and not much time.

I've not had any job news lately and it's frustrating to me. I need a job! I'm bored, broke and getting cranky. At least I have my knitting to keep me happy. I did get a $25 gift certificate from my LYS so that is another happy point.

OK Have to get back to cleaning the place and doing laundry and looking for work. Super fun!

Only 8 more days until the King Returns!
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