Monday, December 01, 2003
I'm Back!

Whew! What a vacation! I'm both sad and happy to be back. I caught a cold which means I've been craving the comfort of my own abode.

I had a great trip and actually finished all my English Christmas Gifts. I had to knit like crazy on the plane to London and then on the train to Wigan and again when I was in Dublin, but I got it done. I also made sure to load up on some Rowan Polar yarn which was a deal at 5 pound a skein ($9).

I had such a whirlwind trip that my head is still spinning. I did get to go to a Gala in London which was very fancy and made me feel famous. It was great fun. It was a 3-fork meal. I've never had such a fancy feast before.

Last week I had my friends from England here and I think we saw all of Seattle and Vancouver!

Well I'm off to get myself together. I need another vacation :)
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