Sunday, April 29, 2007
Sunday Scribblings - Wings

We used to laugh when we heard Bette Midler sing the song, “Wind beneath my Wings” but now I sigh when I hear it. This is because you have become the wind beneath my wings. You know when to push me along with a gusty breath and when to gently guide me to my proper path.

You are the wind beneath my wings; sometimes the snarky, just do it pushy wind; sometimes the gentle breeze leading me to my proper destination; sometimes the gusty wind sending me on new adventures and sometimes the whispering wind, providing me with inspiration.

Your w
ind has given me the ability to stretch my wings but your wind has been there when my wings have been clipped, when I didn’t think I’d be able to spread them again. You’ve always made me believe that I’d be able to use my wings again and that I’d be able to spread them even further than before.

I strive to be the wind beneath your wings, when you need an extra gust when traveling along your path of life. I work to gently whisper support when your wings have been clipped from overuse. I lift you up when you are down and soar with you when you are full of joy.

For the wind beneath my wings, I thank you because I wouldn’t be the same without you and your wings.

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