Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Harry Potter Knitting

I'm on the countdown to the next Harry Potter movie and the final Harry Potter book (July 21st -- I'm booked...yep, booked!) As I went through my yarn to post on Ravelry, I found an old scarf that I had cast on and knit a few inches but had never finished. Well with the final book coming out, I feel pressure to finish my Harry Potter Scarf! I know I can do it. It is basic st st in a tube. Easy Peasy! Must. Knit. Faster.

Harry Potter Scarf

Destiny is also feeling a bit better. She's still not eating so I made her eat last night. It is like having feeding a baby who hisses and growls at you. FUN! But this is for her own good, she needs to fatten up!

Destiny in the lap of luxury
She enjoys the luxury linens but really wishes that people would stop poking at her!
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