Monday, June 11, 2007
Mi Amore, Mi Corazon

June 11, 2007

Destiny is a sick little kitty. While my parents are in Italy and I've been kid-sitting, little Destiny hasn't been feeling too well.

Last night I went to my house to spend some time with Destiny when I noticed that she wasn't up to par, along with a few other indicators.

After calling the Emergency Vet Clinic, I knew she needed to go in for an exam. I had her checked out and she ended up staying over night to get some IV fluids. She has kidney disease and it turned out that she was very dehydrated. Her blood levels were also extremely elevated which could be from the dehydration.

Since the clinic closes at 8 a.m., I had to go in this morning and move her to her regular vet for more IV fluids. She's back with me now and is pretty pissed off at me. I'm just happy that she has enough energy to be mad!

She's my baby and my heart. I'd be lost without her hissing.
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