Friday, June 29, 2007
Happy Birthday Little Brother


Today my brother turns 31 years old which means that he is getting older which in turn means that I am getting older, a fact he never forgets to mention. Last night we had a birthday dinner to celebrate my brother's big day. He told us about his intern and how he was the boy's mentor. MY BROTHER IS SOMEONE'S FREAKING MENTOR? How did this happen? How did the little boy who collected snakes and tadpoles become someone's mentor?

Does this kid know that my brother used to take apart all the electronics in our house and put them back together just before my Mother's eye would pop out in anger? Does this kid know that my brother used to escape from the house so he could go out and bite people? I mean, my brother, the little guy, is a mentor?

Sometimes growing up and becoming adults together is just mind-boggling! I know that my brother is one of the smartest people out there and he does amazing things at his job but in my mind, he will always be that little guy with the budda belly that always got me in trouble. The one who always told my parents where we had been that day even though we weren't supposed to be where we were. The one who I used to kiss when he was sleeping because it bothered him when I told him about my actions when he awoke. The one who used to tell me how to drive when I was learning how to drive and he wasn't yet old enough to know how to drive. That one has grown up into a smart and caring man who still lives for danger by racing motorcycles.

So Happy Birthday Little Brother. May God be with your mentee :)
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