Friday, October 12, 2007

Frothy FO


Last night was Scott and I's six month anniversary and after a very nice dinner, I was able to finish my Rowan Froth Scarf which made for a fantastic evening. It doesn't get much better than time with Scott, good food and finished knitting!

Scarf On

I apologize for the colors being off in these photos but it was still dark this morning when I left for work. Heck, I think it might be dark all day around here.

Froth Scarf

UFO Status Update

I have seven items to complete.

1. Touring Wrap
2. Harry Potter Scarf
3. Chevron Scarf
4. Alterknits Scarf/Shawl
5. Scoutj Knee High Socks
6. Project Spectrum Cabled Socks
7. Assemble Clothspin Bag

And three items to deal with later.

1. TKGA Master Knitter I
2. Mitered Square Blanket
3. Mariah Sweater
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