Monday, January 26, 2009

Can I Have Ice Cream For Breakfast?

Molly Moons

This weekend, I finally made my way to Molly Moon's for their Maple Bacon Ice Cream Oatmeal breakfast and I'm so glad I did!

Molly Moon 100% Compostable

Molly Moon's served me up some hot oatmeal and then placed a scoop of Maple Bacon Ice Cream on top. I then sprinkled some cinnamon over it all and dug it.


The savory taste combined with the creamy ice cream and grainy texture of the oatmeal was a delight to my senses. All of Molly Moon's ice creams are a delight to me though. They use the freshest ingredients along with some of the most interesting flavors to create amazing ice cream.

Private Party

All in all, my tummy was very happy at the end of the meal. So very happy! It made the rest of my day, that much better.

Day 25 (25/365.2) Swirl

Molly Moon's Ice Cream
1622 ½ N 45th St in Wallingford
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