Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sox Progress

Socks in Progress

The Year of the S(ox) is well underway and I've gotten really good at starting socks. I currently have three socks on the needles. In my defense I did finish one of the socks on the bus today and I did cast on for the second sock in the pair so I'm narrowing it down.

The Grey socks are my Malabrigo socks and I am really enjoying the yarn. However I've had to rip back to the ribbing on this yarn twice. The first time the socks were so tight that I couldn't get them over my feet. The second time I mis-knit so badly that the only way to save them was to start over.

The Green socks are my March socks in Jitterbug. I'm doing a very basic simple sock pattern and it is going quickly. The drive from Seattle to Portland and back this weekend provided me with great knitting mileage.

The Pink socks are the Child's First Sock by Nancy Bush. I'm nearly at the heel and I am also loving this pattern. I do not however love that I have to concentrate when I knit this pattern. Oh well, challenging is good.
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