Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Cured Bacon

Cured Bacon

When we last left the bacon, it was in the fridge being massaged and flipped daily. After about 8 days of this, I decided the bacon was cured.

Preparing the Cured Bacon for Smoking

I pulled it out of the plastic bag and laid it on the broiler pan. I coated both sides with liquid smoke and preheated the oven to 200 degrees. I "smoked" the bacon for about an hour and a half until the inner temp reached 150 degrees.

Smoked Bacon

The recipe I was following said to smoke the bacon for two and half hours but I think it might have turned into a dry crisp if I had done that.

Sliced Bacon

I have to say that the bacon turned out quite well. I quickly fried up a few pieces to enjoy once the smoking was done and my taste buds sighed.

Fried up Bacon

This was the perfect recipe for curing your own bacon with little or no effort.

Home Cured Bacon
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