Monday, June 29, 2009

Operation: Make Bacon Begins

Bacon Ingredients

I gathered my supplies this weekend for Operation: Make Bacon.

Bacon Preparation

Then I prepared the Pork Belly by cutting off the skin (Full Disclosure: There were nipples on the skin and I was grossed out a bit but it didn't stop me from telling Scott about the nipples. Yes, he was grossed out too).

Bacon Massage 2

Next I mixed the sugar, molasses, curing salt, pepper and salt together before massaging it into the bacon. I massaged and massaged until all the spices were fully massaged in.

Bacon Bag

Finally the bacon pieces were placed in a plastic bag which was then put in the fridge where it will rest for 7-10 days. I have to flip the meat and massage it daily. After 7-10 days, it should be dark red and that is when the smoking begins.

Look for that installment in 7-10 days...
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