Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sock Summit

My sock at the beginning of the trip

This past Friday, I packed up the car, picked up Scott and headed to Portland for the Sock Summit. Traffic was horrible so the drive took a lot longer than usual but we finally arrived at Scott's families house by 8 p.m. I gave the kids their quilts but more on that later. The exciting part of the trip started on Saturday morning.


I woke up early on Saturday and gathered my knitting supplies. I was sock summiting and I couldn't wait. I didn't sign up for any classes but I still knew that I was going to have fun. I headed back up to Portland and got a little lost as usual driving in that city. I finally found the Convention Center and headed in.

SpiltYarn Stalking

The Marketplace wasn't busy yet so I was able to amble around a bit. I quickly headed over to Splityarn's booth. I was so excited to see all the goodies in person and finally have the opportunity to meet Caro in person.


Then I began to roam the Marketplace while waiting for Erin to return from breakfast with her friends. Around 11 a.m. I sent her a text message saying, "I need you here! I need someone to stop me from shopping!"

Erin and HazelKnits

Erin showed up shortly after that but sadly did not stop me from shopping. She said she didn't believe in hindering me or something like that. We had a great time wondering the floor and Erin even shared her sandwich with me. It was so delicious!


After awhile, we collapsed at the "sea of tables" to fondle our purchases. I think I bought enough yarn to make socks for all the children of the world. It was wonderful. Erin fell into her yarn with a look of bliss on her face.

Happy Erin

We decided to sit and knit for awhile while waiting for Jeanne and Jessica to return from their classes. They raved about their classes and said that they had learned a lot. We then checked out the Marketplace again. Along the way, Jessica introduced us to Meg Swansen . I thought for sure Erin was going to die with a happy little grin on her face.

We decided to head out for dinner before the Ravelry Party and ended up at an African restaurant when the Tapas restaurant had much too long of a wait. It was tasty!


The Ravelry party was super fun and I got to meet Mary Heather who is just as chipper as they all say and even more awesome than I imagined.


I also got to meet up with Christy (NotHip) wearing her fabulous hand-knit red dress. It is seriously gorgeous. Heads were turning and people were running up to her to compliment her work.

After a long and fun-filled day, I took the ladies back to their hotel, got lost again and returned to my hotel to meet up with Scott. Scott had spent the day with his family and his niece and nephew. I think they wore him out. It was good practice for him.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with his family before returning home. Unfortunately as you can see, not a lot of sock knitting happened over the weekend but a lot of yarn buying did!

Longer Sock Summit Sock
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