Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Of Love and Memories

FInished Quilts

A few months ago, Scott's grandmother gave me some of her quilting fabric. She told me that she wouldn't be able to use it all before she passed. Unfortunately she was right. She passed a little over a month ago and while we miss her, we know that she lived a wonderful life and got to really, truly enjoy her great-grandchild as they lived across the street from her.

Quilt Coin Stacks

I promised Scott's grandmother that I would make quilts for her great-grandchildren out of the fabric she gave me. I decided to make two coin quilts; one in blue and one in pink.


I started work on the quilts and while I tried, I did not finish them in time to show them to Scott's grandma but I know that she would have liked them.

The Quilts together

When we last went down to visit Scott's family, I brought the quilts. Tyler loved his quilt so much and kept telling Scott about the different fabrics. Hailey was excited and loved all the pink coloring.

Tyler and his quilt

Hailey's Quilt

More quilt photos can be found here
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