Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where the Fun Ends


I've been working steadily along on quilts for Scott's niece and nephew. His grandmother gave me some of her fabric stash and I promised to make quilts for her great-grandchildren. She's now no longer with us and her great-grandchildren miss her dearly.

I showed the children the unfinished quilts this weekend and the excitement in their eyes has spurred me on to finish these blankets. But I'm at the point where another friend (Jocelyn) recently told me, "the fun ends".


I'm not sure why but the binding is so hard and so not fun! I did pin the binding on today and machine sewed one side on both the quilts. I then watched two episodes of "Six Feet Under" (Scott got the entire series and we are watching it from start to finish- what fun!) while hand-sewing the binding.

Sadly I am slow and only got one side of one quilt done. I'll need to work harder this week to get these quilts done by Friday for the promised delivery date.
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