Sunday, January 24, 2010

Running with Madame Fluffybottom

Sir Cupcake

I've started back into my running routine and I'm always left wondering why I ever let it fall to the wayside. I love running. I love it with all of my body and soul.

Now lest you believe that I am a gazelle-type runner who glides by you on the sidewalk with barely a wisp of air passing you by, let me dispel that rumor right now. I am a slow, lumbering runner who more likely resembles a rhinoceros running than a gazelle.

But none of that matters because when I am out there lumbering along, I feel alive. I feel the wind gliding past me. I feel my legs stretching out ahead of me. I feel my spirit lifting up high and it is those feelings that embody my love for running.

I also like how all worry and doubt flies out of me when I run, leaving me with contentment and peace. I like the early morning runs when the streets are quiet and the people are asleep. I enjoy bursting through the streets while dreaming of bacon and coffee.

At the end of the run, what I really, really like is being done. I like it when my muscles ache and my joints are a little looser.

Sir Sugar Fluffy Bottom

And I like that I can enjoy a cupcake without guilt when I run. And I really like cupcakes.
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