Wednesday, June 08, 2011

And Soon There Will Be Three


Scott and I are so very happy to announce that we're having a baby! I'm due December 1st so I'm just about 15 weeks along. We've named the baby Platypus which has been the source of a lot of jokes and laughs around here. We heard the baby's heartbeat today and it was one of the most fantastic sounds ever!

Baby Mongrain

I've been reading all sorts of pregnancy books and badgering Scott with baby topics. Luckily pregnancy so far has been pretty good me. Oh I've had the usual nausea, grumpiness and pretty much have slept the last few months away but so far, being pregnant has been good!


I've also been knitting, knitting, knitting in between planning, plotting and scheming. I've knit two and a half sweaters with plans for many, many more.


I've also spent more time than I thought possible researching diapers and strollers. I've decided to go with the Fuzzibunz diapers since they grow with the baby. Also I found two great sites with so much information on cloth diapering and I was hooked. The first site is StyleBerry Blog and the second is EatCraftLive.

Be Prepared

I'll be taking all of you along on this journey with me and I welcome any tips for a new Mama! I'm pretty sure that my life is about to be rocked. Scott and I have an idea what we're in for but really at the end of the day, we do not have even a single clue what we just signed up for!
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