Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Movie Room (aka Man Cave)

Entry to Den

When Scott and I moved into our new house, he announced that he wanted a space for himself. He ALMOST got exactly what he wished for. We made one of the bedrooms (it doesn't have a closet so it's not a true bedroom which works for us right now) into the Movie Room.

Den from TV

I talked with Scott to find out what he wanted. Since this room was going to be his room (with me constantly invading to watch TV), I wanted to decorate the room to his liking. He indicated that he wanted a room that reminded him of a movie theater. He wanted a plush couch with lighting that could dim to create a dark space. And of course the TV would be the centerpiece of the room.


We added four movie posters after much discussion. Scott already had a one that featured "Clockwork Orange" so I wanted to work off the orange and red theme. We finally settled on "Amelie", "Trainspotting" and "Vertigo" which also happen to be movies that Scott loves. He also requested that Boba Fett be in the room. I agreed even though Seriously? BOB? the Paper Doll?

Den Side View

I still need to make pillows for the couch. I have the fabric, I have the pillows, I have the design plans. I just don't seem to have the motivation. It will come soon!

View from the Couch
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