Thursday, February 09, 2012

February Update for the Doubleknit 2012 Finish, Frog, & Slog-along

Green Apple Socks

February has arrived and I'm still working on those darn green socks. I'm completely sick of the lace pattern so it's hard to make myself work on them in my limited knitting time. I did turn the heel so I have only the leg portion of the sock to complete which is I believe 5 repeats of the lace pattern.


Along with finally finishing the darn green socks this month, I will be working on my Shedir. It's been a challenging pattern for me and I've been working on this hat for a very long time. I feel almost as it if it is my knitting Mt. Everest.

Molly Marian Cowl

And because I need mindless, easy to finish pieces, I made myself a Marian Cowl out of Rowan Polar which I call my Molly Marian Cowl since I knit most of it while holding Molly.

Marian Cowl

Last month I made no progress on my Mitered Square Blanket but I'm fine with that. Heck, I may not finish the blanket this year but I hope to finish all my other projects! I currently have 8 WIPs and since I WILL BE FINISHING the darn green socks this month, I'll be down to 7. Easy Peasy! Now the hard part will be stopping myself from starting new projects with all my pretty, pretty yarn.
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