Friday, March 16, 2012

Bathroom Freshen Up

We have two bathrooms in our house. The one on the main floor is huge and pretty much perfect for our needs. The color is soothing, the floor is beautiful and the accessories are stylish. We love that bathroom (well as much as one can love a bathroom).

The downstairs bathroom

Downstairs, we hide our other bathroom, the spare bathroom which is only used by guests or when the other bathroom is occupied. It's a small room with a garish shade of yellow, actually two shades of yellow because why paint all the walls the same color when you can paint them different shades of the same color! Full disclosure, the bathroom was painted by the previous owners.

Downstairs Bathroom Toliet

The toilet is small and seriously the strangest toilet I've ever seen but it works. Most importantly it fits in the small bathroom which is an important point.

Downstairs Bathroom Sink

The sink is plain and yet pleasing. Again, it works and fits within the space limits. I'm not a huge fan of the faucet nor the pipes showing beneath it.

Downstairs Bathroom Shower

The shower is cozy. The shower head is hideous and I apologize to all our guests who have been pelted by it. I showered down there one day after mowing the lawn as I didn't want to track grass clippings into the house and I was appalled at the pelting! THE PELTING!

Downstairs Bathroom Floor

The floor is utilitarian. It works. It is boring and needs some spark but it is extremely easy to clean!

Downstairs Bathroom View

So this Spring, I plan to update the bathroom. There isn't room in the budget for a new shower, toilet or sink but I think I can make some vast improvements by adding a tile floor (which I'll do myself, heaven help me!), new accessories, new shelves, possibly a new sink faucet and new paint. I'm actually going to paint the bathroom the same color as Molly's room. I have almost a full gallon from the nursery project and I love the color.

I'm planning a few scouting expeditions in the next few weeks to figure out what kinds of accessories I want for the bathroom. I'm looking forward to the scouting expeditions because they allow me to dream big. Once I have the inspiration down, I can look for cheaper alternatives but I love dreaming big. Where do you like to get your bathroom accessories? Where can I find the best items?
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