Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Update for the Doubleknit 2012 Finish, Frog, & Slog-along

The Knitting Pile

I'm still hard at work on the 2012 Finish, Frog and Slog-along. Last month, I finished the Damn Green Socks, did not work on my Shedir at all and started and finished the Jane Hat.

Jane Hat

I'm quite pleased with the Jane Hat. It's a simple yet pleasing knit. For some reason, I'm also quite into Mustard Yellow as a color so this yarn helped satisfy the urge to own a piece of clothing in this color.

Lace-Up Shawl and Scarf

This month, I will again work on my Shedir hat and I will be working on my Lace-Up Shawl. I finished the Scarf ages ago and for some reason never got going on the shawl. This past weekend, I settled in with some Fringe shows, the pattern and some yarn. After ripping out my previous work and starting over, I'm now happily knitting away on this shawl.

Teething Baby

Molly says she approves of these plans and will try to sleep extra so I can get some knitting time in.
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