Saturday, March 24, 2012

Four Months with Molly Pop

WHAT? We have a cat? WE HAVE TWO CATS?

Dear Molly,

Four Months. I can't believe that we've had you for four months, four wonderful months. You are growing big and strong and so very opinionated.

This month, you've discovered so many things. You've discovered that we have two cats and that you have two hands. You currently shove your hands into your mouth whenever you can. Luckily for now, the cats have not had to suffer the same fate. You've also started teething and that sucks for all of us. Your mouth is sore and your nose is snotty, oh so snotty.

Sooo as I was saying...HEY ARE YOU LISTENING?
We're still going strong with the breastfeeding and I've stopped being as obsessive about it. You get what you get from me and the rest from formula. You have a mixed diet. You have variety! Not all babies get to have variety in how and what they eat.

No! I do not need a NAP!

You tend to sleep pretty well but we do have days where you resist the sweet allure of sleep. I'm currently tracking your sleep schedule so we can develop a nap routine. Once we figure that out, I plan to respect the nap with all the respect I can. I figure your morning nap will always be done at home while your afternoon nap might need to be taken in the car or stroller while I run errands, go on walks or escape from the house. I hope (and maybe stupidly) that this will help you to nap/sleep anywhere.

This past month, we also started attending PEPS. It is AWESOME! I love our group and you love watching the babies. I sense that we'll be friends with these people for ages. You seem to really enjoy it too and have become quite vocal during our meetings. I had to shush you last week because you were chatting way too much when other people were talking.

What up? Wubanub!

Your little personality is really showing through. You've started fussing when you want down to play and fussing when you are done. You have really started to enjoy activity time and are working hard on rolling from your back to your front. You get stuck on your side a lot which causes tears for you and lots of laughter from me (because I'm mean and find it very funny to see you confused by your actions).

You also had your first cold this month. It was mild but produced so much snot. You have unfortunately developed a NoseFrida aversion from my overuse of it.  I love that thing!

I can't believe that 4 months ago, I was in labor with you. Seriously I think you've always been with us. I really enjoy our little family. It feels so right to have you around. We love you, Molly Pop!

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