Thursday, December 20, 2012

Custom Thank You Cards

I love custom cards. I love having cute cards printed with great photos but I do not like the cost! I hit upon a great idea (if I may say so myself) after Molly's birthday this year - custom photo Thank You postcards that I could easily make myself!


I took a photo of Molly from her birthday party. This one was taken by our lovely friend, Paul.

Next I did a Google search for an image of the words, "Thank You" (it would be best to find an image with a creative commons license).


Then using Photoshop, I super-imposed the "Thank You" image onto the photo of Molly for a cute postcard. I printed these at home but you could also print them at your local drugstore. Many of them have super easy photo uploaders and can print these out within an hour for a small cost.


Then I wrote little thank you notes on the back of the cards, addressed them and put a stamp on them before mailing them out. Family and friends loved them and a few even stole the idea for their Thank You cards.

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