Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On meeting Santa

Scary Santa

Last weekend, my friend Meg and I decided it would be SUPER fun to take our girls to meet Santa. We coordinated their outfits, discussed our plans and headed to West Seattle.

Momma and Molly with Santa

Scott, Molly and I arrived just as Meg and her husband were putting their little girl on Santa's lap. She was having NONE of it. There was screaming, grabbing for her father and tears. Oh the tears.

Peace - Poor Santa had the exact opposite of a peaceful day. #fmsphotoaday

I thought, Molly will be fine! Meg's daughter is just having a fussy day. It will be ok. Instead it was HILARIOUS! Poor Molly was not amused with Santa.


We even tried two different times and each time lead to the same. Lots of tears.

Baby cakes

The day did end with cupcakes and so Molly forgave us. And now we have the BEST photos of Molly meeting Santa.
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