Sunday, July 06, 2014

Twenty Eight Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie 28 Weeks

The big news this week is that Maggie is backward crawling! She keeps getting stuck in the most hilarious of places. She also keeps flipping from a sitting position to her tummy and then getting so mad because she doesn't like being on her stomach. 


I would be surprised if Maggie is crawling forward in the next week or two. She's a very determined little mover and shaker. 

I'm a backward crawler?

We spent some time at my parent's house this week. They needed me to do some yard work so they watched the girls while I worked in the garden. Molly decided that their rug was a "flying rug" and spent a long time trying to get her sister to fly the rug with her. When that didn't work, she tried rolling her up in it. Maggie thought all it was super fun!


On the Fourth of July, we took a family hike to Discovery Park. It was Maggie's first time in the hiking backpack and she loved it. Molly was jealous that she got to ride in the backpack and insisted on being carried most of the way so we turned around early. Still it was a fun time and something I think I would like to make into a family tradition. I think we'll be going back to the park soon and attempting the whole loop trail again. Hopefully Molly will walk next time but if not, I'm going to bring the stroller along. 


Molly liked the carrier so much, she even fell asleep in it. 


We had a fun Fourth of July BBQ with our friends after nap. The kids wore themselves out and the adults had a fun time hanging out. Unfortunately shortly after my friends left, I came down with mastitis for the third time. Luckily for me the on-call doctor called in some antibiotics for me so I didn't have to go to the ER with on the Fourth of July. I'm sure that would have been a great entry into Maggie's baby book!


We laid low during the day on Saturday and I even attempted a family nap with the girls. Unfortunately the girls thought it would be fun to bring a hula hoop into bed and chew on it. That night we headed over to my brother's to celebrate his birthday a few weeks late and so Maggie could meet her Great Uncle and Aunt. 
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