Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin Delights!


After visiting the pumpkin patch, we came home with a ton of pumpkins! I can't resist gourd season. I however dislike carving pumpkins because of the mess. I have enough mess in my life with two little ones running around the house. BUT I still wanted to decorate pumpkins with Molly. This is her first year really getting into Halloween and I love celebrating it. Maggie still has a few years before she'll understand all the fun.


While Maggie napped one afternoon, Molly the Mermaid and I got to work on decorating our pumpkins. I found some awesome Martha Stewart Transfers at the local craft store and pulled out my Kitty Pumpkin Kit that I bought a few years ago at Pottery Barn Kids.


We decorated the pumpkins for about 15 minutes before Molly decided she was all done. I finished them up and had a blast sticking on the bugs and spiders. One of the perks of decorating pumpkins this way is that they last longer and I don't have to worry about rotten pumpkins.



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