Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Egg Decorating and Traditions

We dyed Easter Eggs today and as with all other endeavors that I've taken on with my children, there was yelling, a huge mess and hopefully some sweet memories. I hard boiled around 24 eggs. I started with 18 but then the girls began eating the eggs and demanding, MOOOORE Egg! So I made more eggs.

Then we sat down to decorate our eggs. Maggie spilled dye immediately all over Molly and herself. Molly dipped her hand into the dye, turning it green and spilling dye on the table. 

They anxiously dipped their eggs and moved onto the next ones before the dye had really sunk in. The simple act of putting the eggs into the dye was enough for them, not the final result. My children are process people. They dig the journey, not the destination. 

There are no photos of Maggie dyeing her eggs because she kept leaving the table and when she was at the table, I was too busy trying to keep her from spilling more dye on my hardwood floors. Maybe next year I should take our egg dyeing activities outside. 

We now have way more hard boiled eggs than I think we'll need for Easter Lunch. I'm making deviled eggs though and I know those will go fast. We're having Scott's Mom and Stepdad over for Easter along with my brother's family and my Mom. The kids are excited to have their cousin over. 

Now I just need to figure out where to safely hide these eggs for an Easter Morning egg hunt and get their Easter Baskets together. This year, I've gone with small tote bags and pretty practical stuff. These kids have too much stuff as it is.

If you are looking for some unique Easter Egg dyeing ideas, I've got 10 clever ones for you over at Seattle Refined. If you are into a more natural form of egg dye, then check out the article I wrote for Seattle Refined last year about Natural Easter Egg Dyeing
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