Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week in Review 2.18.17


The week before last our house was beset with a horrible flu and cold. We rotated through the sickness and laid about moaning. This week was a lot better but we are still in recovery mode. I've also had a pile up of work but I got back on my workout routine which made me happy. This weekend, I'm spending it in San Diego with my best friend who just had a second baby and another friend who I haven't seen in ages! 


I got in 5 workouts this week - four boot camps and one intense cycling class. The week before I barely scraped in four workouts due to sickness. I'm still on target for 217 in 2017. I'm at 36 workouts for the year!



Eating healthy these last two weeks was a constant struggle but I made the best of it. I did some coffee research for work and drank way too much coffee on Thursday. I was literally shaking by the end of the morning. Whew! I did have an amazing drink at Mr. West's Coffee Bar - a Cereal Milk Latte! SO GOOD! 

The Girls


The girls and I started The Peaceful Preschool this week and we are having so much fun! We did salt letters, make glitter glue letters, read some awesome books and learned all about apples and the letter, "A". 


The girls were also busy with school and we had a Lunar New Year celebration the week before. They had a great time watching the dancers even though I was so sick and tired. They are getting anxious for Spring and keep asking when they'll be able to play outside more. They also celebrated Valentine's Day at school and my Valentine's were pretty awesome. 

Other Goings On


I've been busy purging the house of clutter and excess stuff. I donated 12 bags of stuff to the NW Center for the blind last week and gave two bags of children's clothing to a friend. It feels really good to have stuff leaving the house. 

Stories Published

A Comprehensive Guide to the Many Skybridges Across Seattle - I thought this would be a simple story when my editor assigned it to me but I quickly discovered there were way more skybridges in Seattle than I knew about and that capturing good photos of them could be a challenge. I had a great time discovering more about Seattle! 
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