Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week in Review 2.25.17


This week felt like a whirlwind after my great weekend in San Diego. It just flew by so fast! 


I got in 4 workouts this week - three boot camps and one Orange Theory class. I went to the Orange Theory class with my friend, Laurie and I had a great time working out with her. Unfortunately I wasn't enamored with Orange Theory which I've been dying to try for a long time. The looooooong 30 minutes on the treadmill did me in. Even though we were changing inclines and speeds, it was still incredibly boring for me. Also I just love my 45 minute boot camps at Sync. I love them! I'm at 40 workouts for the year. 



I had a pretty good week focusing on healthy foods. In my accountability group, I made some goals for the week which were 1) Journal all my food 2) Drink ALL my water and 3) Eat 5 vegetables a day. I did pretty good on this! Drinking all my water is such a challenge and I started having salads at breakfast to get those veggies in early. 

The Girls


The girls and I continued with The Peaceful Preschool this week. We baked an apple crisp, visited an apple orchard, learned about how apples grow and worked on the letter, "A". 


The girls also had two field trips with their school this week. Maggie and I went to see "The Snowy Day" at the Seattle's Children's Theatre and Molly went to the Wing Luke Museum with her class. I was sad to miss Molly's field trip but I had other obligations that day. 

Other Goings On


I started gardening this week! I started my seeds in my garage, planted peas outside, built pea trellises and picked up some fresh dirt for my garden beds along with two huge pots for more container gardening. I used tips from Amy Pennington for my trellises. I can't wait to really get out there and garden! Spring is coming soon! 

Stories Published

Which Ride is More Booty Shaking? SoulCycle vs. FlyWheel I neglected to share this earlier. I had a ton of fun comparing FlyWheel and SoulCycle. 

The March issue of Seattle's Child is out! 

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