Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Missing Zubin

So my dog sitting days are over and I miss Zubin already! He's the best dog! I took yesterday afternoon off work to take him to Discovery Park. Mot came along and we had a grand time. He frollicked and played in the grass while we ate lunch. It was a really nice afternoon.

Zubin's weekend was a busy one too. On Saturday morning, I got up and took him for a walk before meeting Mot for breakfast at Cyndy's House of Pancakes. Cheesy but good food! Then we went back to my apartment to cart out 7 boxes of donations from my closet! Yikes! Mot is in full clean-out mode and is loving the de-cluttering process at my place. I then went back to Queen Anne and picked up Zubin so we could go to Gig Harbor for a baby shower. It was on Raft Island with a private beach. The drive down there was twice as long due to construction but once we got there, it was fantastic! Zubin had the best time and even got to meet a horse. He isn't much of a swimmer though and only went into the water up to his ankles. He wasn't quite sure what to do with it but he had a great time! I think he was completely worn out though at the end because he barely paced on the ride home. While at the baby shower, I knit up some baby booties which were completely adored by the expectant mother!

On Sunday, I had breakfast with some friends from high school and their families before returning to my apartment to do a bit of cleaning. I then met Krista at Home Depot so we could paint her dresser. It looks so nice. We took a mini-break in the middle and picked up Zubin for some lunch. He had a bit of dog agression at that point but I think it was because he was hot and tied up outside a store. I had left Stephanie with him but I guess he didn't feel 100% secure. After finishing the dresser, Mot and I took Zubin on a two-hour walk from Queen Anne to Mrytle Edwards and back. He was pooped again.

All in all a good weekend was had by all!
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