Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Recovered enough to Knit!

Whew! It's been nice taking it easy after my ride to Portland. I've been seeing movies, having dinner with friends and most importantly, knitting! With my Mom's birthday and a friend's baby shower in a few short weeks, I've been dedicated to finishing their presents. I figure I only have about 20 more rows on the dressy scarf for Mom so I can whip that out quickly! My only problem is that I can't quite remember how the fringe was attached and the directions seem vague to me. I guess it's time for another visit to Hilltop Yarn & Needlepoint to check out the scarf. On the baby sweater, I'm about 2/3 of the way done and will have to really concentrate on that to get it done by July 27th. I'm also planning on making booties but I know those will be a quick project.

I'm starting my dog sitting on Thursday. I had Zubin 101 training last night and I passed! I was on dog alert at all times and when we saw a rat in the middle of Queen Anne Hill, Zubin didn't attack it! Oh he wanted to but he held back. Hopefully he won't attack my knitting!

Off to panic knit!

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