Monday, July 14, 2003
STP Finisher

Yep, I'm an STP Finisher! I did 206 miles this weekend riding from Seattle to Portland. It was hard but it was such a great adventure. I learned many, many things about bike riding over the past two days. The most important lesson I did learn is that biking makes your rear hurt! I'm now researching a new saddle. It's a necessity!

I rode 120 miles the first day with an overnight stop in Winlock (Home of the World's Largest Egg) and then rode 86 miles the second day. I think riding more the first day was one of the wisest moves I've ever made. The second day was hard with a throbbing tailbone and sore rear. It was nice to not have to do too much that second day :) My parents were at the finish line with my aunt to cheer me on. I almost fell off my bike at the end because I couldn't get off it fast enough! I've since made up with baby bike but we did share a few words along the way. She was tired herself with her chain popping off towards the end of the ride. But NO FLATS! I made it through 206 miles without any flats or other problems!

The best part of the ride was outside of Lexington. We climbed this hill and it took my breath away. The reward was a huge long downhill slope where I could let my bike run out. I coasted up and over a few more rollers as I rode toward St. Helen's. It was a fantastic journey.

No knitting news to report. It's impossible to knit and ride :)

Off to rest my weary rear!
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