Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Special Report by Zubin the Dog

Today was a great day indeed! I'm finding Rebecca to be very quiet in the morning when I am ready to jump and run. She stumbles around a bit and ends up in outfits even I know don't match before we head out on our morning walk. I bet the neighbors don't even recognize her when she re-emerges from the apartment the second time around! Therefore walks in the morning are short but that's ok because I do get some sniffing in and time to empty my bladder. She just needs to find a different block to walk around!

Evenings are fantastic because I get TWO or THREE walks! Yipppeee! Tonight was extra cool because Rebecca took me to Madison Beach with her. She picked up her red-headed friend, Matya who laughed at my car pacing. I'm not sure it's appreciated by them. So sad, it is great fun! I had to stay in the car while Rebecca did something she called swimming. She said the beach didn't allow dogs. I still don't know why I couldn't go with her. That swimming thing sounded like fun. She returned with the red-headed girl later and they took me to Paglicci's with them. They had pizza but didn't share. I managed to wrangle a piece of crust from one table over. They said I was extra cute!

After pizza, Mot and Rebecca walked with me around Lower Queen Anne. I had a great time! Lots of sniffing and I do enjoy watching Rebecca "scoop my poop" but she makes all sorts of noise about it and runs for the garbage can! We encountered a few dogs but they weren't interesting. There was one little dog that was strange. He walked out (without a leash!) and proceeded to lay down in front of me and piss on himself! Rebecca was desperately trying not to laugh but I know she found it funny. The dog's owner was a bit embarrassed I think. I would be embarrassed if I were that strange creature!

After that incident, we took Mot home and I got to car pace again! Yea! Then we walked up to Stephanie's to give her a CD. Rebecca and Stephanie talked too long! There were cats to be chased and sniffing to do! It was torture! But I'm home now and Rebecca is trying to knit something. It's a strange habit. I think she should be brushing me and playing monkey with me. I'd best be off to bother her and her knitting.


Zubin the dog
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