Thursday, March 29, 2007
Hollywood as Theraphy

Gazing Ball

Last night I was on the phone with Mot and I told her I was obsessing (which I do quite well) about an issue we had previously discussed. After taking a deep nasally breath, Mot said, "What do YOU want to do?"

Now this is Mot's favorite line from The Notebook and one that resonates with both of us.

Blue Trees

So I told her want I wanted to do and she responded with, "DO it!" which is another of her favorite lines from the Starsky and Hutch movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

I started laughing when she said this which led her to defend her Hollywood Theraphy lines. We really started laughing at that but I do have to say that Mot was able to get me to say what I wanted and then encouraged me to DO it!

March 28, 2007

Mot -- This morning, I did it. I did what I wanted and it felt just right, just perfect.
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