Friday, March 30, 2007
Miter Madness

Last year some time I started working on my Mitered Square blanket and I knit up about 4 squares before drifting off to another project. Then earlier this month, Cara began posting about her obsession with mitered squares and my interest was re-engergized.

Mitered Squares

And so I began knitting mitered squares again but then I realized that I was just grabbing at colors and I wanted to be more thoughtful in my color selection. So last night I took the wad of colors and began winding.

Unwound Yarn

A short time later, my yarn was wound up (I still need about 20 more skeins but what I had was done) and I could review yarn colors in a more thoughtful manner.

Wound Yarn

And some Friday Eye Candy for the dog lovers, here is Poochi posing with her ball for me.

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