Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The SKY is FALLING! (or Seattle Traffic Woes)

Where is the traffic?

I live in a city where watching traffic reports and planning alternate routes are part of everyday life. I have spent hours sitting my car just trying to get home while cursing traffic. This August, the DOT has undertaken a project to fix some expansion joints on I-5.

People have been freaking out, FREAKING OUT! about the construction for the past three months. At work, I've been receiving emails about alternative work schedules, alternate transportation plans, etc. Now in my opinion, we should always have the opportunity for alternate work schedules and using alternative forms of transporation is a wise choice (I do try to take the bus though I must admit that I've been lax about it lately since driving is so much faster in the Summer).

The news coverage has also been overwhelming and the local newspaper even has a blog called The Clog to keep everyone up to date about the construction.

You can hear the news shouting about "CONGESTION!" "BACK-UPS!" "TRAFFIC JAMS!" and yet yesterday there wasn't any congestion or traffic jams. This morning my commute was very normal. I'm beginning to wonder if the world is setting my expectations too high. Are they going to lull me into a false sense of security and then BAM! traffic jams for 20 miles?

So me, I'm trying to live life normally but I have this twitch in my eye from keeping an eye on it all.
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