Monday, August 27, 2007

Tackling the UFOs

Hilltop Wrapping

Elizabeth of Gee You Knit! gave me great ideas for how to tackle my UFOs. She suggested that I work on the Mitered Square Blanket when I was sick of everything else (Elizabeth, it's for me so no deadline), ONLY carry socks with me and work on them when I'm out and about and finally give all my other projects 48 hours of focus before rotating onto another project.

I love these ideas! It keeps me working on my projects and admitting that I don't have the proper focus to work on one thing at once. I just don't, I get distracted by shiny things so easily!

August 6, 2007

Now my only adjustment to this idea is that I'm going to take a few items out of rotation and work on them only after I whittle my UFO list down to less than three items. Also items with assembly only needs will be dealt with in one session.

Items for 48 hour rotation:
1. Hilltop Wrap
2. Irish Hiking Scarf
3. Kidsilk Scarf
4. Baby Hat
5. Touring Wrap
6. Harry Potter Scarf
7. Chevron Scarf
8. Alterknits Scarf/Shawl

Items to carry with me:
1. Dublin Bay Socks
2. Scoutj Knee High Socks
3. Project Spectrum Cabled Socks

Mariah Sweater Sleeves

Items to be assembled:
1. Louisa Harding Plush Toy
2. Clothspin Bag
3. The Darn Purple Sweater
4. TKGA Master Knitter I

Items to deal with later:
1. Mitered Square Blanket
2. Mariah
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