Monday, August 27, 2007

UFO Status -- Part Two

Part two of the UFO freak-out session is here! Tomorrow I will discuss my plans to deal with these UFOs. Reader Elizabeth had some great advice that I plan to follow (with a few Supergirl adjustments).

Hilltop Wrap

1. Hilltop Wrap -- I'm about halfway done with this project. Unfortunately I'm a bit lost as to where I am in the project so this one will require some thinking before I can start knitting on it again.

Mariah Sweater Sleeves

Mariah Sleeves

2. Mariah -- I'm about 4 inches into the sleeves which are the most complex of this project. However like the Hilltop Wrap, I need to locate my starting point again. Yikes!

The Damn Purple Sweater

3. The Darn Purple Sweater -- I just need to seam up the arms and do a bit of finishing on this. I think I'll need to take it to a finisher.

Irish Hiking Scarf

4. Irish Hiking Scarf -- I'm about halfway done with this scarf and I love the pattern. I just need to liberate my size eight needles from another project and start knitting on this again. I guess I could always buy more size eight needles if that helps me work on this again.

Kidsilk Scarf

5. Kidsilk Scarf -- This was a free present from Rowan which I started when Harry Potter 6 came out. I really need to get cracking on this one again. I love this pattern. It's so simple in its complexity.

Baby Hat

6. Baby Hat -- I started this hat two jobs and a few years ago when a co-worker had a premie baby. The kid is now in preschool or something. I need to finish up this hat but there is no rush. It's for a premie and luckily I don't know any right now. I'm sure I'll be able to donate this hat when I'm done.

Scoutj Halloween Socks

7. Scoutj Knee High Socks -- I'm through the inital ribbing and am into the leg. This is the pattern that January One uses for knee highs but it's a bit too smart for me so I'm struggling with it. I'll make it through eventually!

So that's it -- 17 UFOs. Whew that is a ton!

Now before you think that I just start projects, I have finished one too!

I finished the Orange Scarf which will be a birthday present for a co-worker. I love how it turned out.

Orange Leaf Scarf

Wearing the Orange Leaf Scarf
I'm making a face because it was super hot and the wool scarf was making me sweat!

Tomorrow -- the plan to attack UFOs and bring them to a reasonable level!
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