Thursday, August 23, 2007

UFO Status -- Part One

It's that time again, when I freak out because I have so many things on the needles and then SWEAR to finish them before casting on for anything else. It's a vicious cycle and we all know how it goes.

In an attempt to be honest about my UFO's, I'd take the time to list them with their status. I have so many that I'm breaking this post into two parts.


1. Mitered Square Blanket -- I have knit 23 squares out of the 80 needed squares. Last night I cast on for my 24th square.

August 6, 2007

2. Touring Wrap -- I'm about three inches into this wrap. It's something that requires my attention when I knit so I haven't been working on it as much. I do still love the pattern though.

Harry Potter Scarf

3. Harry Potter Scarf -- I need 14 stripes total. I have 5-6 stripes completed. It's boring to knit this scarf but one day, I'll be done and it will be great to wear.

Start of Chevron

4. Chevron Scarf -- I've only knit about four inches on this scarf. It's an easy pattern but there is that one row that requires attention. It is slowing me down.

Alterknit Shawl Scarf

5. Alterknits Scarf/Shawl -- I'm about 10 inches into the scarf. I love this yarn. I love this pattern. I just need to make time to knit it.

TKGA Swatches Blockin

6. TKGA Master Knitter I -- I totally missed my one year deadline and now need to readjust this project based on the new directions. Shouldn't be too hard. I need to give myself a new deadline.

Birdie Pieces

7. Louisa Harding Plush Toy -- This toy is knitted and just needs to be assembled. Shouldn't be that hard but I just can't seem to get it DONE!

Project Spectrum Socks

8. Project Spectrum Cabled Socks -- I started these back in February and haven't knit on them since. This is my favorite sock pattern so one they are complete, I know that I'll love wearing them.

Dublin Bay Socks

9. Dublin Bay Socks -- I'm on the foot of the first sock. The part where you knit round and round measuring every 10 minutes and never getting close to the desired measurement. Yep, that part.

Clothespin Bag

10. Clothspin Bag -- I've knitted up the pieces for this bag and have cut out the fabric. I just need to get the right sized hanger and assemble this sucker!

Tomorrow, part deux. Yes! I do have many more UFO's at home. Frightening!
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