Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Home Again

New Mexico Cross

I'm back from New Mexico where I spent a wonderful weekend with my best friend remembering why we are best friends.

I grew up driving through New Mexico, hating the dust, the starkness and the overwhelming heat. Going back showed me all those things I had too harshly judged.

The desert holds its own kind of beauty. One where the sun sparkles as it sets, one where white sands appear far from the shore, one where taking pictures makes your heart gasp in delight.

I'll be posting photos on my Flickr site for days and weeks to come. It will allow me to continue re-living a great weekend.

I not only took over 500 photos (not all will be posted, come on!) but I also accomplished quite a bit in my UFO knitting pile. That will be tomorrow's post because inspired FOs deserve their own special treatment.
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