Wednesday, September 12, 2007

UFO Check-In

I feel as if my entire focus has becoming finishing my UFOs so that I can start a new project. It is a vicious cycle.

So far I've completed the Irish Hiking Scarf and the Baby Hat. I also ripped out the Dublin Bay Socks since the yarn wasn't playing nice. This leaves me with 14 items to finish.

Hilltop Wrap

Finish Knitting up!
1. Hilltop Wrap -- I've been knitting on this all week (breaking the 48 hour rule because I can't help myself) and am down to two skeins. I have a long drive down to Portland this weekend, I see knitting and finishing coming up soon!
2. Kidsilk Scarf
3. Touring Wrap
4. Harry Potter Scarf
5. Chevron Scarf
6. Alterknits Scarf/Shawl
7. Scoutj Knee High Socks
8. Project Spectrum Cabled Socks

Items to be assembled:
1. Louisa Harding Plush Toy
2. Clothspin Bag
3. The Darn Purple Sweater
4. TKGA Master Knitter I

Items to deal with later:
1. Mitered Square Blanket
2. Mariah

The process
Must finish UFOs so I can start knitting a new sweater or two!
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