Monday, September 24, 2007

Winthrop = More FOs!

Showing off the FO

This past weekend, the girls and I headed up to Winthrop for a girl's weekend of crafting, reading and relaxing. I went with two goals - 1) finish the damn purple sweater and 2) seam up Arnie the knit bird. I knew I could do it since I was still on a high from finishing my Hilltop Wrap earlier in the week.

Arnie and the Shawl

Since the Damn Purple Sweater holds the name of Damn Purple Sweater, I decided to finish Arnie up first.


He was a joy to seam up even though I found the directions to be a bit unclear. Luckily Mara was around to agree that they were confusing.

Flying Arnie

Later on Saturday night, I decided it was time to attack the Damn Purple Sweater and I told Meg that I was going to Pin the Crap out of it! And so I did.

Badass Rebecca

It was pinned almost to death!


And by the end of Saturday night, I had accomplished my goals! I had seamed the Damn Purple Sweater. Now Meg and Jessica can leave me alone! This brings my UFOs down to 9 items. Whooo-hoo!

Finished Damn Purple Sweater

I liked Winthrop. I accomplished my goals and was able to acquire an awesome hat. I want to wear it all the time.

Damn Hell Bathroom Winthrop
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