Friday, September 07, 2007

Finally Finished FOs!

It was a busy knitting weekend in New Mexico. I was energized with the desire to get a few of my 17 UFOs off my plate and I did!

5 Year Baby Hat

First off, I finished up a hat I started knitting almost 5 years ago. It was supposed to be for a former co-worker's premature baby (mind you that job was two jobs ago!). Now the challenge will be finding a baby to slap this hat on. Shouldn't be too hard, it seems everyone is pregnant!

Mot models the Irish Hiking Scarf

I also finished the Irish Hiking Scarf which Mot quickly wrapped around her head in the 90 degree heat. She's a goof!Of course I had to follow suit. I'm a copy cat!

I wear knits!

I loved knitting this scarf and found it to be a beautiful simple cable pattern. Of course you'd think differently if you saw my notes!

Irish Hiking Scarf Notes

Lots of scribbles and ticks there.

I think the Irish Hiking Scarf enjoyed New Mexico as I found it lounging outside in the desert sun later that evening.

Finished Scarf

And after careful discussing with Mot, I decided to rip the Dublin Bay Sock. Not because I don't love the pattern but because I did not love the pooling that STR was developing with this pattern. I need to stash dive for a different sock yarn and then I will cast on again because this is a wonderful pattern.

Dublin Bay Socks
R.I.P. Dublin Bay Sock

So for anyone counting this brings me down to 14 UFOs and I plan to tackle a few more this weekend! PS Both of the above FOs were accomplished using the 48 hour plan. It totally works! I knit faster because I felt that I had a deadline. I need deadlines.
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