Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Knitter Project

Day 64 (64/366): Knitting Up My Mistakes

Elizabeth of Gee You Knit is hard at work on her senior thesis and I've been hard at work on my piece of it.

The Knitter Project's "aim of is to create autobiographical portraits of knitters. Each knitter will knit an item for this project and tag it as the project moves along. The tags will be your journal during this project—every time you pick up your knitting you will write a short entry and add it onto your work. When the piece is finished, the tags will not only indicate start-and-stop points, but will also be a record of the life "between the stitches."


I'm making a Clapotis since I loved knitting it the first time but I'm dreadfully behind on my Clapotis and so I've been frantically knitting since the projects are due in Philadelphia on March 30th. I have a new deadline! MUST....KNIT....FASTER!

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