Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Explorations and Knitting

Whew! I think I need a rest from my delightful weekend. It was sunny here in Seattle which meant it would be criminal to be inside. CRIMINAL!

Day 67 (67/366): Make Me Fly

Saturday morning I met up with some friends to see, "Penelope" which was super cute! Afterwards I walked over to the Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park where I met up with Scott for photos. After a few hours of roaming around, we headed to the Cupcake Royale for treats and caffine before swinging by Golden Gardens to soak up more sun.


While at Golden Gardens, I also worked on my "Splash" photo for the upcoming Seattle Flickr Brews & Views competition. I love contests!


Sunday morning was a 6 mile run which I mistakenly thought would be easy but was hard, hard, hard. I slugged through it. Cheered at the halfway point and yipped with joy at the end before eating bagels with Julie. We so needed them!

Scott and I had talked about driving up to Chuckanut Drive if Sunday proved sunny and when it did, we packed up the car and headed up North. I knit on my Clapotis along the way and made some good progress.

Clap Knitting on the way to Chuckanut

I used the glove box to hold my pattern and crowed about my genius to Scott.

Chuckanut Beach

We stopped at an Oyster Farm where Scott showed me the lighthouse made out of oyster shells. It was quite wee and a delightful spot for my 365 self portrait of the day.

Day 68 (68/366) Through the Looking Glass

We hiked around the beach at the state park and drove through Fairhaven which is an interesting little city. We then headed back to Seattle and made it in time to watch the Oscars. Scott was excited that the Coen Brothers won for "No Country for Old Men" but I'm sticking to my principles about that movie. I hated it and do not understand why people love it so much! I do however think that the guy who won played the Psycho Killer completely deserved his Oscar. He was so good!

It was a good weekend. I love weekends like this one. I really do.
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