Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Less Television

Since I hooked up with Scott, there has been less television in my life. At first I thought that would be a problem but now more than 9 months later, I find that I am OK with it. Scott doesn't have cable but his television does have rabbit ears (I insisted on that!) and we have a Netflix subscription so I still watch some television. I mean, really life without "Lost" or "The Today Show", it wouldn't be worth it.

I have found that I enjoy watching less television. I enjoy sitting in silence and enjoying my activities (knitting, reading, checking Flickr) without the extra noise of the television in the background. I do quickly fall back into bad habits though when I'm dogsitting or at my place -- then the TV seems to be on all the time.

Isn't it funny though how you can give up an addiction and not miss it at all?
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