Wednesday, September 24, 2008

February Baby Sweater

February Baby Sweater View

It's well known across the knitting-verse that Elizabeth Zimmerman is a genius and after knitting the February Baby Sweater, I completely agree. BUT I do have to say that the pithy directions were a bit mind boggling at times.

Bow Focus

I'm getting ready to make the February Lady Sweater and I thought it would be rather smart of me to make the February Baby Sweater first to understand the construction of the sweater. I cast on even though I didn't have a particular baby in mind to give the sweater too but that problem didn't last long. The next day I found out that one of the art directors at work is having his first child (a girl!) and since I love him to pieces, I knew that this sweater was meant for his little girl.

February Baby Sweater

While on the road trip last week, this was my project of choice which was great because it meant I had to figure out Elizabeth Zimmermann's directions on my own and trying to make wise decisions alone. There were some areas where I read the directions to Scott and then asked him if he thought I should do A or B. He's learning so much more about knitting than he ever wanted to.

Lace Detail

I have to say that I loved this sweater so much that giving it up was a bit heart-breaking but I did remind myself that I can make another one, ANYTIME I WANT TO!

Baby Sweater in Morning Light

At the end of the day, EZ is a genius. I'm not fully ready to make my February Lady Sweater once I have finished the Central Park Hoodie (which is about 75% done). I have a feeling I'm going to love it even more than I love the baby sweater.

Baby Detail

And yes, the art director was so happy to receive the sweater. He said it was adorable and perfect and too much. But he totally deserved it. His baby is sweater worthy.
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